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Informativa sulla Privacy

Statement of the research being undertaken 

Your personal data will be processed for the purposes of analysis, study and research as part of the project called “Scientific Approach to Innovation Management” (hereinafter the “Project”), conducted by ICRIOS-Bocconi University (the Data Controller). The objective of this study is to observe what decisions entrepreneurs make in the early stages of the process of creating a new company with the aim of understanding what practices help to assess the feasibility of new business ideas.

Procedures and duration 

Data will be analysed in aggregated form since the interests of research are in aggregated responses, not individual responses. The participation in the research activities involve data collection until December 31st, 2024 that will be treated in conformity with the duties required by General Data Protection Regulation n. 679/2016 in the subject of personal data (Privacy Code).

Data regarding racial and ethnical origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of political parties, labour unions, associations or religious, philosophical, political or labour union organizations, as well as personal data regarding your health state and sexual life and other biometric data, will not be collected.

The data collection procedures include structured interviews, forms, and surveys. After completing the required surveys, a member of the research team will contact each research participant to confirm receipt and to ask some follow-up questions based on the responses provided. 

Please note that, as part of this project, we will ask each participant to provide a brief update on the data (approximately every month for the subsequent 15 months). To conduct this update, a member of our team will call each participant. The call will approximately last 20-30 minutes and, upon consent, be audio recorded. Research participants will be contacted in advance to set up a time of their convenience for the calls. Our team is flexible and can accommodate participants’ preferences, including setting up the monthly call during working hours but also in the evening or weekends if that works best.

The call will be set up by our research team, at no cost for participants, and use software or applications that conform to General Data Protection Regulation n. 679/2016. The content of the call will be transcribed and analyzed in aggregate form since the interests of research are in aggregate responses, not individual responses. The consent given can be revoked at any time. The full transcribed text of the interviews is accessible to those who are part of the research project.

The results of the analyses and the textual and anonymous citations from the interviews are used exclusively in the context of the research activity. These results constitute empirical material for the development and the publication/dissemination of scientific articles, books, and, more generally, scientific material. All data collected in the context of this project will be used exclusively in anonymized and aggregated form for academic research purposes and the public interest. None of the research participants’ data will be shared with other parties except the ones directly involved in the project. All data will be encrypted and stored on a (restricted-access) IT infrastructure.


Expected benefits and foreseeable risks 

In terms of benefits, participants will benefit from accessing a high-quality training program free of charge. Participation in the training program and data collection process also allows participants to access additional resources, events, and activities. Participation in all these activities is offered free of charge.

By participating in this study, participants will not experience any foreseeable risks beyond those ordinarily encountered in daily life or during routine physical or psychological examinations or tests. Specifically, participation in this study: i) will not, in any way, damage participants; ii) will not, in any way, imply the involvement in dangerous or injurious activities; and iii) will remain confidential.


Voluntary Participation 

Participation in the surveys, interviews and all the other activities of the present study is voluntary. Participants do not have to answer questions they prefer not to answer and may withdraw from the study at any time. However, withdrawal will prevent participants from accessing the resources and the remaining events and activities of the program.

Taking part in this study as a participant does not give any right or claim of any nature over the research or/and over its results.



Participants will not be paid for their participation, but they will receive free training and free access to all events and activities. Participants who will complete the program, and attend at least 80% of the training sessions, will also obtain a free-of-charge certificate that confirms successful completion of the course.



The complete objectives of the research will not be described in advance to participants, as doing so might influence the outcomes. Participants will have an opportunity to receive a complete explanation of the study following its completion. 


Research Participant Declaration 

I confirm that I received the information that precedes, and I declare having read and understood its content. I confirm that I am 18 years of age or older, and volunteer to take part in this research. (Consent for minors or incapacitated individuals should be obtained from their legal tutors). Taking note that my Data are processed in full compliance with the Law, I freely consent to my Data to be used in the manner and uses described. I also declare having understood my rights and limitations, as well as how to exercise them. 



We are required to provide participants with certain information to communicate our compliance with General Data Protection Regulation n. 679/2016. UNIVERSITA’ COMMERCIALE “LUIGI BOCCONI” (hereinafter referred to as “Bocconi University”), having its registered office in Milano at via Sarfatti 25, hereby declares that it falls within the field of application General Data Protection Regulation n. 679/2016 dealing with the protection of personal data with reference to the use of the data subject’s personal data that is being collected as part of this research project. 

Researchers’ and Ethical Review Board Contact Information 

This research is being undertaken by the research team at Bocconi University, comprising the following members: Arnaldo Camuffo (, Alfonso Gambardella (, Diego Jannace (

If participants have any questions about how the research was undertaken, who will have access to and control of the data, and in case participants want to provide feedback, ask questions, or inquire about the results of the study, they should contact the Principal Investigator and/or the Data Protection Officer of Bocconi University at


Confidentiality and Security Measures 

Data will be communicated by research participants to the research staff of Università Commerciale “Luigi Bocconi”, but only and exclusively for the goals described above. Data will not be shared with subjects different from the ones indicated in this document, nor they will be transferred to third parties.

All appropriate precautions will be adopted to maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of data. To this aim, data will be ‘pseudonymised’, dividing the research data collected through questionnaires, surveys and interviews from direct identifiers’ data. Direct identifiers will be segregated from the other research data, i.e., kept and stored in different physical and virtual locations. All data will be encrypted and stored on a (restricted-access) IT infrastructure. In the event of publication or presentation, no identifying information will be disclosed.


Data Sharing

Data transfers to third countries: data may be transferred within the European Union to the Netherlands and Spain and outside the European Union to the United Kingdom and Colombia. 

Data about you collected for the purposes of this project and similar future projects may be transferred to and stored at a destination outside the European Economic Area ("EEA"), for example where it is processed by an organisation operating outside the EEA who works for us or for one of our partners, or where personal data is processed by one of our partners who is based outside the EEA or who uses storage facilities outside the EEA. This process will be subject to appropriate safeguards to protect the security and confidentiality of your Data.

Access to pseudonymised or nonanonymised personal data collected in the project will be given to:

Alfonso Gambardella

Arnaldo Camuffo

Francesca Bacco

Danilo Messinese

Andrea Coali

Diego Jannace


Data Subject’s Rights 

Data subjects shall have the rights described in the articles 15, 16, 17 and 18 of General Data Protection Regulation n. 679/2016. In particular, for example, data subjects can require accessing to, correcting, erasing the personal data and restricting our data processing activities.


Please note that when data are processed for research purposes the above rights are not absolute, and we may be entitled to refuse requests where exceptions apply. Consider the following, stated in art. 17(3) GDPR, in particular:

- the right to erasure shall not apply when is likely to render impossible or seriously impair the achievement of the objectives of the processing carried out in accordance with art. 89(1) GDPR; 

- the right to erasure and to object may not apply when research is carried out for reasons of public interest in the area of public health. 


If you have given your consent and you wish to withdraw it, please contact the responsible of the relevant department using the contact details set out below. Please note that where our processing of your personal data relies on your consent and where you then withdraw that consent, its withdrawal shall not cause any effect in the lawfulness of the previously processed Data.


Copyright Statement 

Within the context of the research project, you consent that Bocconi University and the researcher edits, copies, archives, disseminates and publishes your contribution to the project. Moreover, in accepting to participate in the project you expressly waive potential copyrights that could emerge from the result of the project, granting Bocconi University and the researchers involved a non-exclusive, free, irrevocable and worldwide license to use your contribution for the purposes indicated above. 

If you wish to be aware of the results of the projects, the researcher will make all reasonable steps to inform you, when privacy or other legal concerns do not impede to do so. 

If you have given your consent and you wish to withdraw it, please contact the researcher using the contact details set out above. Please note that where our processing of your personal data relies on your consent and where you then withdraw that consent, its withdrawal shall not cause any effect in the lawfulness of the previously processed Data. 

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